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Shroomin' at the Fungus Fair
by Caitlin Donohue

. . .

In a lecture room a few halls down from Andresen's post, a man introduced as "the best mushroom photographer in the world" by fair chair person J.R. Blair is playing the music video to his self-penned ode to the fungus among us, "Mushroom Fever." On repeat."Hopefully we don't scare anybody away!" he announces blithely into his microphone as he readies his presentation on his recent mushroom-finding jaunt around the Americas.

Such is the intro to the glory that is Taylor Lockwood, who has achieved a near-godlike status in my eyes by having cobbled together a living off of traveling, digging around in the dirt, and hoisting himself up tree-supported ladders to get the best shot of aerially-inclined mysterious mushrooms. The man flips through a Power Point presentation of some of his best clips, which include squishy mushrooms ("good for the kids!"), fungi resembling tropical purple coral ("probably just convergent evolution"), and Brazilian 'shrooms he captured on illicit night-time jaunts through a nature preserve.

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